Trojan horse

In the creation of this strong horse head illustration I was deeply influenced by the epic tales of the Trojan War, a seminal event in Greek mythology. Drawing inspiration from the rich artistic heritage of Ancient Greece, the illustration skill-fully channels the classical aesthetics of the era. I tried meticulously to incorporate elements reminiscent of Greek art, emphasizing symmetrical balance, intricate patterns, and a pronounced focus on anatomical accuracy. This detailed approach, typical of the Hellenic artistic tradition, lends a timeless quality to the horse head, capturing the spirit of an age when these noble animals played a significant role in both warfare and culture. The juxtaposition of strength and grace in the illustration reflects the very essence of the Trojan War epic, where heroes and their steeds were intertwined in tales of valor and sacrifice, making this artwork a masterful homage to the enduring legacy of Ancient Greece.

ClientPrivate CollectionServicesIllustrationYear2021

Damir Matas - Digital Product Designer
Damir Matas - Digital Product Designer
Damir Matas - Digital Product Designer
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