Branding done for an event organisation 'Cyber Security Summit' , based in Belgrade, aiming to bring together some of the top-notch experts in the industry in Southeast Europe.


Cyber Security Summit




Visual Identity
Web Design/Development


Words - to - image

The CyberSecurity Summit organisation approached me with a distinctive mission – to create a logo that encapsulates their dedication to uniting cybersecurity professionals in Southeast Europe. The goal was not just to design an emblem but to visually communicate their commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the realm of cybersecurity.

The identity part was straightforward – a Cybersecurity Summit, a regional conference dedicated to uniting cybersecurity professionals in Southeast Europe.

The Cybersecurity Summit’s diverse audience, from industry professionals to the general public, necessitated a logo that could resonate with various stakeholders while conveying a sense of security, collaboration, and innovation.

Pantone® 3415u

C88 M40 Y54 K18


Pantone® 339c

C82 M26 Y45 K3


Pantone® 3395c

C78 M14 Y40 K0


Pantone® 446c

C65 M58 Y57 K36


⸺ Research

In the research phase, I delved into the world of cybersecurity, Southeast Europe's technological landscape, and the existing visual identities of similar conferences. This research provided valuable insights into colour preferences, symbolism, and design elements relevant to the industry.

⸺ Strategy

Armed with insights from the research phase, I embarked on defining the creative direction for the Cybersecurity Summit logo. Having outlined key elements that would encapsulate the essence of the event – collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

⸺  Conceptualisation

I explored various concepts and visual elements that could represent these values effectively. The tagline "United for a safer tomorrow" became a pivotal element, guiding the design choices.
This phase laid the foundation for the visual identity, setting the stage for the subsequent design process.

⸺ Symbol

I decided to try and breakdown the shield itself as a symbol of protection and have two human hands as a point of inspiration that could act like a shield which signifies protection, while the diodes represent the interconnectedness and technological aspect of cybersecurity.

⸺ Typography

Choosing a clean, modern font like Avenir for the text ensured readability and a contemporary feel. Alternatively, the tagline "Uniting for a safer tomorrow" offered a longer yet impactful version for certain applications.

⸺ Colour

Deep variations of greens were employed to evoke a sense of trust, security, and technological sophistication. The grey for the text portion of the logo reinforces the strength of the whole image. These colours are commonly associated with security and professionalism.