Branding done for a Charity organisation 'Duende' , based in NYC, investing in organic agriculture in West Africa.







A blank canvas

In the intriguing tale of our creative journey back in 2002, I was approached by John G. with a unique and ambitious task: to craft an entire visual identity from the ground up for his nascent charity organization. What made this endeavor particularly captivating was that, at the time, this altruistic venture had yet to be christened with a name. It was a true testament to the blank canvas of possibility upon which we were about to embark.As we delved into the heart of the matter, John’s boundless spirit and unwavering dedication to uplifting communities and individuals became unmistakably clear.

It was abundantly evident that the name we would choose had to embody not only the essence of his profound passion but also the inspirational impact of his tireless work.And so, through the synergy of our creative minds, ‘Duende’ was conceived. In Spanish, ‘duende’ conveys the profound quality of passion and inspiration, as though it were the very lifeblood of our cause. It is a term that resonates with the intensity and fire that John brought to his mission, making it an ideal choice for our charity’s name.

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⸺ Qualitative Research

My background in Anthropology gave me an insight into how West African societies represented themselves traditionally through symbols and colour.The colours I landed on, after weeks of research were 4: orange, dark red, dark green and turquoise.

⸺ Sketch Visualization

After sketching the name of the organisation itself, it became clear to me that a complimentary, yet minimalistic symbol is needed to encompass the traditions of West Africa and the agricultural mission of the organisation itself - a flower.

⸺ Communication Strategy

When it came to selecting colours, I drew inspiration from the rich and vibrant traditions of West Africa. The chosen hues, steeped in cultural significance, not only paid homage to the communities we sought to support but also infused our visual identity with an authentic and timeless appeal.

⸺ Tying it together

With 'Duende' as our guiding star, I embarked on the journey of crafting its visual identity. The cornerstone of the design was rooted in the realm of organic agriculture, a field that held great promise and potential for the organisation's goals. The visual elements I created reflected the nurturing and sustainable practices that 'Duende' aimed to champion.

⸺ Colour Psychology

Orange: often associated with feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, and positivity.
Dark Red: often linked to feelings of passion, strength, and courage.
Dark Green: strongly associated with nature, growth, and renewal.
Turquoise: often linked to feelings of tranquility, creativity, and communication.

⸺ Storytelling

In retrospect, our creative collaboration in birthing 'Duende' and shaping its visual identity was a journey imbued with purpose, passion, and a profound commitment to positive change. It was a story of transformation, where a name came to symbolize the very heart and soul of a charity dedicated to fostering inspiration and making a lasting difference in the world.

Damir Matas - Digital Product Designer