MindWind is an innovative board game designed to provide players with a hands-on experience of understanding cognitive biases and how they impact decision-making. Cognitive biases are inherent mental shortcuts and patterns of thinking that can cloud our judgment and lead to irrational decisions. By turning this complex psychological concept into an engaging and interactive game, MindWind aims to educate and entertain players while promoting self-awareness and critical thinking.

ClientHeavyMentalServicesUX, Graphic DesignYear2019


Damir Matas - Digital Product Designer


The objective of MindWind is to navigate the game board, accumulating points by making rational decisions and avoiding cognitive biases.

⸺ Setup

Players start at the beginning of the game board. Each player receives an equal number of bias cards, and the scenario cards (shuffled and placed face down) and tokens.

⸺ Turn Sequence

Players take turns in a clockwise manner.

⸺ Player's Turn

On a player's turn, they draw a scenario card and read it aloud to the group. The scenario presents a situation or dilemma that may prompt a cognitive bias.

⸺ Decision Making

The player then chooses a decision token to represent their response to the scenario. The decision tokens are labeled with rational and biased choices.

⸺ Bias Challenge

After making a decision, the player draws a bias card. The card reveals whether their choice was rational or influenced by a cognitive bias. If their choice aligns with the bias described on the card, they receive negative points. If they make a rational choice, they earn positive points.

⸺ Game Board Movement

Based on the points earned or lost, the player moves their token along the game board accordingly.

⸺ Special Spaces

The game board includes special spaces such as "Pause" or "GoBack" where players can discuss their decisions, biases, and learn from one another.

⸺ Winning

The player who reaches the end of the game board with the highest score wins. The player with the most points has demonstrated the best ability to recognize and overcome cognitive biases.

MindWind serves as an effective educational tool by promoting awareness of cognitive biases, encouraging critical thinking, and enhancing decision-making skills. The game is designed to provoke thoughtful discussions among players about their choices and the biases that may have influenced them. It helps individuals recognize these biases in real-life situations and equips them to make more informed, rational decisions.