Marco & Camilla

When Marco and Camilla approached me for their veterinarian practice logo, operating under the evocative name “Blue Moon,” it presented a captivating creative challenge. Their specialization in caring for dogs and cats offered an opportunity to infuse the logo with elements that would resonate with pet owners. To capture the essence of their practice, I embarked on a design journey that aimed to seamlessly blend three key elements: the moon, symbolizing the clinic’s serene and calming environment; a dog, to represent canine companions; and a cat, symbolizing feline friends. Balancing these elements was an intricate process that demanded a delicate interplay of shapes, colors, and symbolism. The resulting logo not only conveys the serene ambiance of the clinic under the “Blue Moon” but also warmly welcomes pet owners by celebrating the deep bond they share with their dogs and cats. This unique and thoughtfully crafted logo serves as a visual testament to Marco and Camilla’s commitment to the well-being of these beloved animals, providing a reassuring and memorable brand identity for their veterinary practice.

ClientBlue Moon Animal HospitalServicesLogo Design, Graphic DesignYear2010